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Paint your POLYPRO HOOP!



Why not add a little color to that boring plastic polypro hoop?

Here's what I did, and what you can do too.

What you'll need:
• a couple cans of enamel spray paint
(I used fluorescent yellow & pink)
• some paper towels
• a fan & a funnel (for faster drying time)
not really necessary though!

What to do:
Plug up one side of the hoop with a wadded paper towel (so that the paint doesn't come spraying out the other end.)

Spray the first color (fluorescent yellow) paint
into (yes, you'll be painting on the INSIDE) the tube. As it runs down, move the tube around a bunch to get drippy effects and to make it go down into the tube at least halfway.

Then do the same to the other side.

Let this dry completely, overnight maybe.
And/Or use the fan set up shown above.

When the 1st color is dry, spray the 2nd color (fluorescent pink) the same way.

When the 2nd color is dry, go back and spray some more of the 1st color (fluorescent yellow) if you need to.

A couple of things:
I tried acrylic paint the first time around and it did not work. When I went to add a 2nd color, after the 1st color had dried, the wet paint just made the dry paint come off in the tube and it turned into a big gooey fluorescent paint mess! I was able to just run water through the tube and it all came out. (phew!) The spray enamel paint seems to hold much better!

The fluorescent paint is not totally opaque, so be aware of that if you use it. Most other spray paint colors should be though, so be aware of that too. It just depends on the effect that your'e going for.

I wanted to do a 2 color, sort of organic design. I have not tried it yet, but if you only want to use 1 color, that would probably work also, just move the tubing around a bit before the paint dries to get good coverage on the inside.

Be careful about the amount of paint that you use, you don't want too much. After all, you have a polypro hoop for a reason, and that reason is
lightness & springiness!
A lot of paint could change that, so use as little as possible.

You can speed the drying time if you happen to have an air compressor (I have one for my airbrush). Much faster than the fan.

Oh and one more thing about the paint--be careful not to leave your painted hoop out in extreme temperatures. I've heard that the tubing itself can crack, and after accidentally (crap!) leaving the yellow & pink hoop in my cold car overnight, some of the paint seems to have come loose & flaked off. Just a word of warning.

For grip, it would be a shame to cover up your beautiful paint job with grip tape. & sanding makes the hoop look messy especially if dirt & grime gets in the grooves. Instead try a grip stick! You can get fabulous little grip sticks from other many Hoop Makers.
Just reapply every so often.

Happy polypro painting!