Making LED HOOPS!!!

Make your own LED HOOPS
Learn how to make a RAINBOW LED HOOP! No soldering, no switches!
This hoop is made with 21 LEDs, and is very light because it's made from 5/8"OD polypro
(or you can use HDPE) and uses a single 14400 (AAA sized) 3.7V battery.

Make your own LED SMART HOOPS
Learn how to make a very simple LED SMART HOOP with a LED strip & NO battery gap!!
This hoop uses a remote control---change the color, flash, strobe, fade & smooth.
Made of 5/8"OD polypro (or hdpe tubing) and uses 2--10440 3.7v (AAA sized) batteries.
No wiring of individual LED bulbs, no soldering, no switches!

More LED HOOP Making Info
Older LED HOOP making information, for larger tube sizes & other batteries set up options, as well as many links for other information. This page also covers using Sharpies to add color to white LEDs as well as using colored polypro tubing to make LED Hoops.

Using Sharpies to Color White LED Bulbs
Information on using Sharpies to color white LED bulbs.
A good alternative for purple LEDs!!

Other LED HOOP Making Tutorials
Links to other LED Hoop making tutorials on Youtube.